The TOHO GAKUHO: Journal of Oriental Studies Kyoto Number 73, March 2001


  • KOGACHI Ryuichi, Prefaces to Commentaries from Later Han, Wei and Jin
  • TOMIYA Itaru, The Way to the Jin Taishi 晉泰始 Statute and Ordinance(part「)-statute and Ordinance of Wei 魏 and Jin晉
  • TAKASHIMA Ko, Land Tax Registers and Tax Administration in Republican China
  • IKEDA Shuzo, On the saying “In ancient chinese texts, the preface was at the end”
  • MORITA Kenji, On the available Material for the Study of the Imperial Examinations during the Yuan – with special Focus on the Editions by Qian Daxin 銭大昕
  • KIN Bunkyo, Rinjuuitizetu 臨終一絶 of Otsunomiko 大津皇子 and Linxingshi 臨行詩 of Chen Houzhu 陳後主
  • KAMITAKA Tokuharu, On the Text Wen Cui 文粹 published by Xushi Yuyuan 許氏楡園
  • NOGUCHI Minoru, Ryogyo了行 and his Background
  • MAKINO Kazuo, On the Background of Ryogyo了行 of the Senyoji 千葉寺 in Kashu 下州 as seen in the Addenda of the Song Version of the Issaikyo 一切經
  • FUJIMOTO Yukio, Identifying Dates and Places of Publication of Old Korean Books using the Names of the Gravers
  • NAKAJIMA Osahumi, On the Moulding of Ren Fangs 任昉 Shuyiji 述異記
  • NAKAJIMA Osahumi, A Textual Criticism of Ren Fangs 任昉 Shuyiji 述異記
  • KISHIMA Fumio, Changes of the Jingdian Shiwen 經典釋文 – As seen in the Patterns of Usage of the Shiwen copies of the Shundian 舜典


  • Writings of Professor ARAMAKI Noritoshi 荒牧 典俊
  • Writings of Professor KATSUMURA Tetsuya 勝村 哲也
  • Writings of Professor YOSHIKAWA Tadao 吉川 忠夫
  • News from the Institute(January 2000-December 2000)