Submission Guidelines for ZINBUN

Requirements for Submission

  1. ZINBUN is an academic journal issued once a year in March by the Institute for Research in Humanities of Kyoto University; it publishes articles, documents, and book reviews in the various fields of the humanities. All contributions are to be written in English, French, or German and published for the first time in that language.
  2. All researchers who have or had an institutional affiliation to the Institute for Research in Humanities are qualified to submit to ZINBUN, including members of its research seminars and its hosted researchers. Furthermore, the Editorial Committee may accept submission of papers from other researchers whenever considered appropriate.
  3. Submitted manuscripts are examined by a peer review of specialists designated by the Editorial Committee, which takes responsibility for the final decision for publication. The Editorial Committee should inform contributors of the result of the peer review within 2 months after submission. The manuscripts will be evaluated as (A) Publish as is, (B) Publish with required revisions, or (C) Not accepted. If the revisions of the manuscript ranked as (B) have not adequately fulfilled the corrections indicated by the Editorial Committee within 1 month after the peer review, it may be subject to rejection.
  4. Those who wish to submit their manuscript should notify the Editorial Committee of ZINBUN of the provisory title before 31 May. The submission period is closed at the end of August. Though no limit is assigned to the number of pages, articles should count more than 2,000 words and book reviews more than 1,000 words. In consideration to other papers, contributors could be requested to adjust their manuscripts; they also could be asked to incur any additional printing costs.
  5. Contributors are prohibited from submitting the same manuscripts to other journals.
  6. In preparation of manuscripts, contributors should follow the ‘Guidelines for Contributors’, cited below.
  7. To reproduce any kind of material, contributors are required to secure permission previously.
  8. Contributors should submit their manuscripts to the Editorial Committee in the form of (i) a text file or a word-processor file, (ii) a PDF file, and (iii) three sets of hard copies in A4. Submission of electronic data should be made by an attachment to an e-mail or by a data storage device.
  9. Authors are allowed to proofread twice.
  10. Authors will not be remunerated for their contribution. However, they will be provided 1 copy of the journal and 50 copies of offprint free of charge.
  11. Concerning the manuscripts published in ZINBUN, authors are considered to have conceded reproduction rights (right of digitalization) and public transmission rights (right to release publicly) to the Institute for Research in Humanities. In order to facilitate distribution, the Institute can release published papers in the form of images or PDF files through Kyoto University Research Information Repository (KURENAI) *.

Guidelines for Contributors

  1. Manuscripts are to be written in English, French, or German, on A4 paper.
  2. Articles should be accompanied with a resume (about 200 words) and 5 keywords in the same language as they are written.
  3. Notes should take the form of footnotes. References to footnotes should be indicated in the text as superscript and numbered sequentially in the format 1), 2), etc.
  4. There is no precise indication for the format of texts, citations, footnotes, etc. Contributors may follow the styles commonly adopted in their own field.
  5. The submitted articles should be divided into sections and each section heading should be preceded by an Arabic number.
  6. Contributors who wish to insert figures, graphs, or photographs in their text should submit them in a separate PDF file in the case of figures and graphs or an appropriate electronic format in the case of photographs. In all cases, the submitted documents should be accompanied by a number, a caption, and an indication of source (when applicable); the place of insertion should be clearly indicated by the numbering.
  7. A book review should indicate, at the head of the text, name of author, title (including subtitle, name of collection, number of volume, etc.), place of publication, publisher, number of pages, price of the book in question.
  8. If the submitted manuscript is already published in another language, contributors should note this clearly as a footnote at the beginning of the text.
  9. Further questions concerning the preparation of manuscripts may be addressed to the Editorial Committee.

Address of the Editorial Committee of ZINBUN

Institute for Research in Humanities,
Yoshida Honmachi, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto, 606-8501, Japan.