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MASAKAZU TANAKA :: Department of Anthropology, Gender & Sexuality Studies



New! Kyoto Anthropological Research Group - June Meeting

Date & Venue:
Thursday, 16 June 2011
Kyoto University, Main Research Building 2
4th Floor Meeting Room (AA447)
Doors Open: 18:00
Start Time: 18:30
*A small fee of 200 yen is requested for printed materials.

The Kyoto Anthropological Research Group is a place for
researchers and graduate students in the Kyoto-Kansai area
to present their findings on anthropology and other related fields.
No advance reservations required. All are welcome to join.

Feature: Changes and Survival Among Hokkaido's Kajiya:
The Blacksmiths of Rishiri Island and the Fishermen Who Sustain Them

Speaker: Professor Takayuki SAITO
(Kyoto Bunkyo University Department of Cultural Anthropology)

For more information, contact: Kyoto Anthropological Research Group Office

2011 Kyoto Anthropological Research Group Representative: Tatsuro FUJIKURA
Kyoto University Graduate School of Asian and African Area Studies


New! Publications

Humanities in Contact Zones: Volume One -- Problematique
(Co-editors: Masakazu TANAKA & Toru FUNAYAMA)

Humanities in Contact Zones: Volume Two -- Material Culture
(Co-editors: Masakazu TANAKA & Minoru INABA)

has been published by Koyo Shobo Co., Ltd.

New! Publication

For Those Who Study South Asian Society
(Co-editors: Masakazu TANAKA & Akio TANABE)

has been published by Sekaishisousha Co., Ltd.

New! Publication

The Lure of Anthropology---50 Years of Kyoto University's
Institute for Research in Humanities' Social Anthropology Department

has been published by the Kyoto University Institute for Research in Humanities.

New! Publication

Contact Zone No.3
has been published by the Kyoto University Press
for Research in Humanities through the International Center of Humanities.

New! Publication

Healing & Horniness: The Cultural Anthropology of Eros
(Written by Masakazu TANAKA) has been published by Chikumashobo Ltd.

"From Fuzoku (Adult Entertainment) and Adult Videos to the
debate about women's orgasms, this book delves into the possibilities
of 'sexual healing' and analyzes the underground culture of contemporary
Japanese sex. Where sex seems restrictive and at the same time
'anything goes,' this is a discussion with a cultural anthropological
twist. Welcome to the 'Adult World.'"
(Excerpt from Press Release)

Table of Contents
Part 1 - The Ethnography of Sex
Chapter 1 - The Tale of Panpan
Chapter 2 - The Transformation of Women
Part 2 - Struggles Between Eros and Anti-Eros
Chapter 3 - The Sexual Pleasures of Women
Chapter 4 - The Sexual Pleasures of Men
Part 3 - The Pornography of Iyashi (Healing) and
Iyarashii (Horniness)

Chapter 5 - "I'm a Hentai!"
Chapter 6 - The Universe of the Womb
Part 4 - Towards a Global Eros
Chapter 7 - The Debate of Women's Orgasms
Appendix 1 - The Erotic Voice
Appendix 2 - The Festival of Sex
Appendix 3 - What is the Cultural Anthropology of Sex?

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Year Image NEWS Related Links
(2002) Colonialism and Anthropology (in Japanese) was published in 2002. It consists of 21 articles regarding on Asia, Africa and West Indies, and South America. It especially focuses on the Japanese history of colonization in East Asia. >> Go to Publications
(2002) My first Japanese monograph on South Asia, Transformation of the Sacrificial World: Historical Anthropology of South Asia was published in 2002. This is a collection of my past 12 articles on rituals, violence and ethnic conflict of Sri Lanka and India. >> Go to Publications
(2001) Louis Dumont's major work, Homo Hierarchicus was translated into Japanese. It took me and my co-translator, Prof Kozo Watanabe fifteen years. >> Go to Publications
Sacrifice Lost and Found: Colonial India and Postcolonial Lanka, was published in our journal Zinbun. This is based on the analysis of two government reports, on firewalking, hook-swinging (colonial India) and animal sacrifice (postcolonial Lanka) , but briefly refers to the contemporary resurgence of hook-swinging and firewalking in the West, and to "modern primitives". >> Go to Publications
Views of the Environment in Asian Countries: Their Relationship to Sustainable Development (Asian-Pacific Center/The United Nations University). This collection of 17 essays is based on the international workshops held in Fukuoka and Kyoto in 1994 and 1995. I have written a short essay entitled Hinoki (Japanese Cypress) Lives Twice, on the animistic world of Tsunekazu Nishioka, a temple carpenter. Among the foreign contributers are David Y.H.Wu(HongKong), Veena Das(Delhi), J.B.Disanayaka(Colombo), Chung Ching-Hong(Seoul), Fernando Zialcita(Manila). >> Go to Publications
(1999) Living with Sakti: Gender, Sexuality and Religion in South Asia (co-ed. by Musashi TACHIKAWA and Masakazu TANAKA) Senri Ethnological Studies No. 50 (The National Museum of Ethnology, Osaka, JAPAN). >> Go to Publications
I have written two essays: Introduction on the three Japanese views of India (caste and popular Hinduism) during WWII, and Navaratri Festival in Chidambaram, South India. >> Go to Publications

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MASAKAZU TANAKA :: Department of Anthropology, Gender & Sexuality Studies