Department of Humanities
IWAKI, Takuji Japanese Society in the 19th Century
OKADA, Akeo European Music History in the 19th and 20th Centuries
KAGOTANI, Naoto Asian Merchants’ Networks and Japan’s Industrialization
KOSEKI, Takashi Modern History of Britain and Ireland
TAKAGI, Hiroshi Cultural History of the Modern Emperor System of Japan
TAKEZAWA, Yasuko Theories of Race and Ethnicity
TANAKA, Masakazu Violence, Sexuality, and Religion in Modern South Asia, Japan, and Europe
FUJII, Masato Formation and Transmission of the Vedic Texts

Associate Professors
ISHII, Miho Anthropological Study of Religion, Environment, and Corporeality in Africa and South Asia
ITŌ, Junji Bandits in Modern Transcaucasia, Especially Georgia
ŌJI, Kenta Historical Discourse and Political Thought in Early Modern Europe
SETOGUCHI, Akihisa Biological Sciences and Nature in East Asia
TAKASHINA, Erika Modern Japanese Arts and the West
TSUIKI, Kosuke Considerations on Psychoanalytical Knowledge from the Perspective of the History of Thought
FUJIHARA, Tatsushi Reconstruction of Agricultural History
MORIMOTO, Atsuo French Symbolism and Literary Modernity

Senior Lecturer

HOLCA, Irina Realism, Media, and Empire in the Works of Shimazaki Toson and Other Modern Japanese Men of Letters

Assistant Professors
IKEDA, Sanae Land Ownership of the Japanese Imperial Household
OGAWA, Sawako History of Theatre and Film Arts in the 19th and 20th Centuries
ONO, Yasuteru The Korean National Movement and East Asia in the Modern Era
KIKUCHI, Akira Socio-cultural History of Modern Japanese Ethnography
TANAKA, Yuriko History of Modern Medicine and the Philosophy of the Body
TOKUNAGA, Yū Transpacific History of Interethnic Relations between Japanese and Mexican Immigrants in the United States
FUJII, Toshiyuki Enlightenment and Literature: the Location of Humanity in Adorno's Aesthetic

Department of Oriental Studies

ASAHARA, Tatsurō Bronze Inscriptions of the Pre-Qin Age
IKEDA, Takumi Descriptive and Historical Study on Sino-Tibetan Languages in Southwest China
ISHIKAWA, Yoshihiro History of the Chinese Communist Party
INAMI, Ryōichi Cultural History in the Qing Period
INABA, Minoru History of Early Islamic Eastward Expansion
IWAI, Shigeki History of Chinese Institutions
WITTERN, Christian Knowledgebase for Buddhist Studies, with Chan-Buddhism as an Example
OKAMURA, Hidenori Archaeological Study of Ancient China
TAKEDA, Tokimasa Chinese Science from the Perspective of the History of Thought
FUNAYAMA, Tōru Scholastic Tradition and Practice in Indian and Chinese Buddhism
YAGI, Takeshi Bureaucracy in the Goryeo Dynasty
YASUOKA, Kōichi Methodology of Character Codes

Associate Professors
INAMOTO, Yasuo History of Buddhist Art in East Asia
KOGACHI, Ryūichi History of Commentary on Classics in China
NAGATA, Tomoyuki Literary Theory in Medieval and Early Modern China
NAKANISHI, Tatsuya Historical Study of Islam in China
FURUMATSU, Takashi The Multi-state System of Eastern Eurasia in the 10th to 13th centuries
MIYAKE, Kiyoshi Institutional History of the Qin and Han Dynasties
MUKAI, Yūsuke Exploring Chinese Culture through Historical Archaeology
MURAKAMI, Ei Changes in Socio-economic Institutions in China during the Modern Era

Assistant Professors
TAKAI, Takane History of Chinese Furniture
FUJII, Noriyuki History of the Bureaucratic System in Ancient and Medieval China
MIYA, Noriko Cross-cultural Exchanges in the Mongol Period
MEGURO, Kyōko State Rituals in the Qin and Han Dynasties
MORIOKA, Tomohiko Architecture of Text Representation Based on Information about Character Definition
MORIKAWA, Hiroki Intellectuals and Politics in Republican China