There are three basic perspectives we'd like to suggest in our research project "A Trans-disciplinary Study of the First World War".

The first, global war or globality. The second, total war or totality. The third, unfinished war or continuity.

By globality, we don't only mean that there was a war throughout the world, but also that there was already a global integration before the First World War and therefore the war could spread into different parts of the world. At the same time the war itself had the function of integrating more closely the different regions in the world.

By totality, we don't only mean that that it was a total war employing all the material and human resources, but also that the war brought about radical transformations in the lifestyles, ways of thinking, feelings and even unconsciousness. Therefore, we have put our attentions on not only political economy and society, but also in arts and philosophy.

By unfinished continuity of the war, we mean that we are still bound by the world created by the First World War. After the two decades since the end of the Cold War, we are, as if, haunted by the ghost of the First World War.


Takeo SUZUKI History of Refugees of German descent
Tamon SUZUKI Modern Japanese History
Tomoko TAKAOKA Film Music, Eeastern Germany
Akio TAKAHASHI English Literature
Hiroshi TAKAHASHI Editorial Staff
Syusuke TAKAHARA American Diplomatic History, History of Japan-America Relations
Junya TAKIGUCHI History of the Soviet Union
Akio TANABE Anthropology, Area Studies of South Africa
Yutaka TANIGAWA History of Education in Modern Japan
Frédéric DANESIN
Fumi TSUKAHARA French Literature
Hiroshi TSUDA Australian History
Kazuhiro NAGAI Editorial Staff
Kazue NAGASAWA Modern History (Japan, Korea), History of International Relations
Takeshi NAKAJIMA Modern History of ideas in Asia
Kotaro NAKANO American History
Maoko NAKAMOTO French History
Sochi NARAOKA Modern Japanese Political Diplomatic History
Osamu NISHITANI Global Studies, Theory of War, World History
Sŏng-mo Im East Asian History -Manchukuo and Colonies
Mari NOMURA Modern and Contemporary Jewish History in Central and Eastern Europe
Sin Pak Modern Japanese History of Military
Shinya HASHIMOTO History of Education in Russia
Tomoko HASHIMOTO French Literature
Shin HATTORI German Medical History
Tadayuki HAYASHI East and Central European History
Yoko HAYASHI History of Modern/ Contemporary Fine Arts, Art Critic
Toshiko HAYASHIDA British History
Shinzo HAYASE History of Southeast Asia, Sea Area
Yoko HARADA History of Whaling in Australia
Pallavi BHATTE
Masamichi HIGUCHI Musicoligy
Fumino HIRAMITSU French Literature
Chikako HIRANO French Colonialism
Hiroshi FUKUDA Czechoslovakian History
Masao FUSE American Military History
Takayuki HORIUCHI South African History
Miho MATSUNUMA French Empire's History
Naoki MUKAI History of ideas of Modern Jewish
Yuki MORIOKA Political thoughts of Modern/Contemporary China
Yuuki MORIKAWA Chinese Literature, Comparative Study of East Asia
Atsuo MORIMOTO French Literature
Ayumu YASUTOMI Economics
Michio YANO Editorial Staff
Koichi YOSHIDA Editorial Staff
Kotaro YOSHIDA History of ideas in Germany
Kohei WAKIMURA Economic History in India

Shin'ichi YAMAMURO History of ideas about Law System
Akeo OKADA Western Music History
Miho ISHII Cultural Anthropology, Area Studies of Africa &South Asia
Yoshihiro ISHIKAWA Modern Chinese History
Junji ITO Georgian History
Takuji IWAKI History of early modern period in Japan
Kenta OHJI History of ideas of early modern period in France
Yasusuke OURA French Literature, Literary Theory
Sawako OGAWA Film History
Yasuteru ONO Modern Korean History
Naoto KAGOTANI Modern Japanese Economic History
Ikuko KOIKE Cultural Anthropology, Religious Culture of African-American
Katsura KOISI Musicology
Takasi KOSEKI History of Britain, Ireland
Hiroshi TAKAGI History of Modern Japanese Culture
Erika TAKASHINA History of Fine Arts
Yasuko TAKEZAWA Anthropology, Racism
Masakazu TANAKA Cultural Anthropology
Kosuke TSUIKI Psychoanalysis
Shigeki TOMINAGA Sociology, History of ideas in Modern France
Toshiyuki FUJII German Literature
Tatsushi FUJIHARA History of Agriculture in Germany
Naoki MIZUNO Modern Korean History


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