◎ Center for War Studies
The website of the Center for War Studies of Trinity College Dublin.

◎ Europeana 1914-1918
Opens to the public the primary source related to the First World War.

◎ International Encyclopedia of the First World War
Online Dictionary about the First World War, collaborative international research project mainly worked by Freie Universität Berlin.
Some of researchers of our Institute are co-working on editing and writing.

◎ International Society for First World War Studies
The website of International Society for First World War Studies.

◎ Historial de la Grande Guerre Château de Péronne
The website of the Museum of Great War of Peronne, France.

◎ European Film Gateway
Quick access to hundreds of thousands of film historical documents as preserved in European film archives.

◎ Jimbun Syoin
Publisher of Lecture Series"Thinking about the First World War".

◎ Iwanami Syoten
Publisher of "The starting point - The First World War."

◎ Opening to the Public the digital images- Masuda Collection of Propaganda posters in the term of the First World War- owned by Fuculty of Letters, Tokyo University.
A part of 61 posters appeared on the catalog of exhibits of "The Exhibition of posters of the First World War", presented by Denki-Syorei-Kan in Hibiya, Tokyo, Japan, held in December,1935.

◎ The Archive of University of Tokyo Interfuculty of Initiative in Information Studies- Collection of Propaganda posters in the term of the First World War
Valuable collection of posters in the term of the First World War.

◎ Institute for Research in Humanities, Kyoto University
Center for this project for studies about the First World War.

◎ Kyoto University