General Introduction
The Way to the World War, the Awakening of "Modernity" (Shin-ichi YAMAMURO)

From the European War to the World War (Takashi KOSEKI & Chikako HIRANO)

The Colonial Experience of the War
Chap.1 Indian Soldiers and the British Empire (Miho ISHII)
Chap.2 The Mobilization and Deportation in the Russian and Ottoman Empires (Junji ITO)
Chap.3 The Transformation of the Indian Nationalist Movement (Akio TANABE)
Column : South Africa and the First World War (Takayuki HORIUCHI)

Japan's Entry into the War
Chap.4 Japanese Diplomacy in the Early Phase of the First World War (Sochi NARAOKA)
Chap.5 "Post-War" Arguments in Japan (Jan SCHMIDT)
Column : The First World War in the Japanese Journal, Shimin (Yasuhiro KUROIWA)
Column : Korea and the First World War (Sung-Yup LEE)
Column : The Global Synchronicity of "War Images" (Jan SCHMIDT)

Repercussions in Asia
Chap.6 Chinese Nationalism and the First World War (Shiro ONODERA)
Chap.7 The First World War in Southeast Asia (Shinzo HAYASE)
Chap.9 The Ottoman Empire and the First World War (Tadashi SUZUKI)
Column: The First World War in the Economic History of East Asia (Naoto KAGOTANI)
Column : The American Navy and Japan (Masao FUSE)

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