An Unfinished War (Takashi KOSEKI)

The Chain of Violence
Chap.1 "Self-determination" and Reprisals in the Irish War of Independence (Takashi KOSEKI)
Chap.2 Revolution, the Freikorps, and Nazism (Tatsushi FUJIHARA)
Chap.3 Cultural War and the New Perception of the World (Shin-ichi YAMAMURO)
Column : Lippmann's Suspicion of Democracy (Shigeki TOMINAGA)

"Post-War" Questions
Chap.4 The Disintegrated Empires and the National Re-formations in East-Central Europe (Mari NOMURA)
Chap.5 The League of Nations and the Pacifist Movements in the Inter-War Britain (Hiroshi Tsuda)
Chap.6 Jewish Refugees and the Palestine Question (Naoki MUKAI)
Column : Alsace and Borders (Maoko NAKAMOTO)

The Awakening of the Modern World
Chap.7 Towards European Integration (Ken ENDO)
Chap.8 The Birth of the Soviet Empire (Junji ITO)
Chap.9 The Commencement of the "America's Century" (Kotaro NAKANO)
Column : The Vision of "Mittel Europa" (Takumi ITABASHI)

Concluding Remarks
Globality, Totality, and Continuity (Shin-ichi YAMAMURO)

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