Takashi KOSEKI, Conscription and Conscientious Objection: British Experience of the First World War

Akeo OKADA, The End of European Classic Music? :"Before" and "After" the World War I in the Music History

Shin'ichi YAMAMURO, How Japan Experienced the First World War?

Tatsushi FUJIHARA Food War in Germany during the First World War

Akihiro KUBO, The First World War in French Literature

Mari KOMOTO, Forms in Conflict: the First World War and Arts

Atsushi OTSURU, POW at Work

Shinzo HAYASE, Mandala States to Nation-States: World War I in Southeast Asian History

Kotaro NAKANO, Americanism in World War I: A Nation Making

Mari NOMURA, When Neighbours Become Enemies: The Nations of East-Central Europe and the First World War.

Toshiko HAYASHIDA, Women at War : Gender and Sexuality in Britain during the First World War

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